Restoration Work of the Slope Against the House in Suriname

he comprehensive restoration work involved the implementation of environmentally friendly practices, utilizing biodegradable coconut mats to fortify the slope. With a length spanning 40 meters, the project aimed not only to address structural concerns but also to integrate sustainable solutions for long-term benefit.

Project costs



Commewijne - Suriname


  • Design
  • Sustainable
  • Landscaping


Key benefits

Benefit 01

Eco-friendly Stability: Strengthened with biodegradable coconut mats for eco-friendly slope reinforcement.

Benefit 02

Natural Rebar System: Grass planting along the slope utilized grass roots as a natural rebar for added stability.

Benefit 03

Comprehensive Coverage: Spanning 40 meters, the project provided a comprehensive solution for both structural and aesthetic enhancements.

Benefit 04

Holistic Sustainability: Integrating biodegradable materials and natural vegetation showcased a holistic, environmentally conscious approach to slope restoration.