Project under construction

Design and build project at Brakkeput, Curaçao. The site surrounds a slope with a view over a beautiful residential area. The site has been prepared for construction, height measurements and soil research have been carried out. Delivery is scheduled for Q3-2024.

Project costs





  • Turnkey
  • Design
  • Build
  • Landscaping

Key benefits

Benefit 01

Sustainable Living: Integrate eco-friendly design and energy-efficient technologies. Use locally sourced, sustainable materials.

Benefit 02

Tropical Adaptation: Design for Curaçao's tropical climate with passive cooling strategies. Implement resilient construction for weather challenges.

Benefit 03

Community Spaces: Include communal areas for social interactions and recreation. Design multipurpose spaces.

Benefit 04

Cultural Integration: Apply parametric design for intricate traditional motifs.